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Making Devices that can Change Or Just Improve the experience of your Jewelry


Payment of your Rolex Whatt?? Yes thats Right we want to provide a service to you Where you can pay With your gorgeous new watch


Helppp!! I need Helllp. Scan your  phone Here. “Points To Watch/Ring/Neckless/Band” Thats all my Medial Info and Emergency Contact


Yuck Smart Watches are just Ugly I want to use my Watch but I want to smart Features. Here is The New Neprio Metric Link. Turns your Watch into a smart watch with all the Feature you really need.

What We are Striving to offer

We aim to provide innovative solutions and products designed to enhance your quality of life and streamline your daily routines. Our focus is on creating versatile products that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, serving multiple purposes and improving overall efficiency.

Mobile App That are Easy to use

“We want an app that can seamlessly connect to these devices to make everything simple and easy to understand”

We listen to customers

“We understand the only people that know the product best is the customer”

Making it's a new technology again

“We’ve noticed a trend where many companies repeatedly produce the same products. We’re determined to break free from this pattern.”

The Classic meets 2023

This particular addon is designed to maintain a low profile, seamlessly blending into the right-hand render while exclusively offering the capability to process payments through a prepaid debit card that has been preloaded onto the addon.


This addon is meticulously crafted to ensure its discreet and inconspicuous integration within the right-hand render, with its primary function being the facilitation of payments using a prepaid debit card that has been preloaded onto the addon. Its unobtrusive design seamlessly blends into the user interface, offering a seamless and hassle-free payment experience while prioritizing user privacy and convenience.

Creating Smarter Watches

Discover the Smart Metric Link, your gateway to adding intelligent features to your everyday watch, providing you the flexibility to use them when needed and remove them with ease when you don’t. Elevate your watch’s capabilities effortlessly!


Lawson Davey

My name is Lawson and I am from Christchurch, New Zealand I am studying computer science and working on game development marketing and product development. Full-time I am working on Soluwrist. Ever since a young age, I have always started small businesses that may or may not have made any profit but from that failure, I’ve learned many more skills than I would have if I had succeeded the first time. My goal is to get Soluwrist to the point at which customers love the product and where it was infusion about the future of watches and wearable tech.

“The world is ever evolving technology and it’s time a company starts to create new technology instead of repeating old cough cough apple”


Companies vision is to create innovative devices for a whole range of different products 

Classic Smarter Life

Our mission is to transform classic technology, infusing it with modern vitality. We honor their historical importance while adapting them for present-day use. This fusion of past and present enriches our experiences and preserves the legacy of innovation. Our goal is to revitalize classic technology, ensuring its enduring relevance and cultural significance in the modern world.

Create an Ecosystem of Products

Our ambition is to craft unparalleled, innovative products that have never been seen before, setting the bar for both quality and service excellence. We are dedicated to pioneering financial technology and other advancements that enhance everyday life. By blending creativity and cutting-edge technology, we aim to introduce groundbreaking solutions that not only revolutionize industries but also elevate the daily experiences of individuals and communities. Our commitment lies in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to create a brighter and more efficient future.


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